Phil Laughlin Landscape Paintings

Expressive color captures the moods of New England

Historic barn in disrepair

What Moves me to Paint?

Painting has been part of my life since I was a child. It has grown with me over the years, providing a means to express my enthusiasm for the amazing natural world we live in. Everywhere around me I see the beautiful, complex and intricate relationships of nature: the interplay of light and shadow, patterns of growth, fascinating geological structures, the movement of water, nuanced effects of atmosphere and so on.

Speaking as an artist it would be hard not to respond to this. Painting makes a temporal space for me to focus and explore within, somewhere to interpret the world and better understand myself at the same time. The development process of each and every painting strengthens my understanding of our natural world and at the same time deepens my awareness of my place in that world

Inspiring painting subjects seem endless. Step out the door in the morning and the light is changing, the season is advancing, weather is developing, all working to keep it fresh. As a painter I can't help but react to such a dynamic world and share with you,

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