Rugged Maine Coastline Paintings

Acadia Park Otter Cliffs

Otter Cliffs22 in x 28 in - 2017

Glowing twilight colors at Brooklin Boat Yard

Twilight22 in x 28 in - 2018

Stormy surf along the Marginal Way

Stormy Weather22 in x 28 in - 2022

Dramatic scene of tideal influence

Clump22 in x 28 in - 2017

Rocky shore wave influences

Gray Day18 in x 24 in - 2014

Dramatic raking evening light at Lands End

Lands End24 in x 36 in - 2014

Foggy afternoon light near Stonington

Misty Cove22 in x 28 in - 2017

Foggy afternoon light near Stonington

Yellow Rocks22 in x 28 in - 222

Weathered Character Great for Artwork

Wind and surf have carved fantastic shapes into the coastline of New England. Going back centuries, fine art painters have often interpreted this subject. Personally, there is nothing more inspiring than the gorgeous, sometimes moody, light of New England cliffs and beaches that stretch from New York to Maine.

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