Sunny Shores Artwork

Salt marsh precedding barrier island

Salt Water Marsh22 in x 28 in - 2019

Bathers in crashing surf

Bathers 122 in x 28 in - 2019

Low tide Cooks Cove Maine

Cooks Cove24 in x 36 in - 2015

Young Women frolicking in the surf

Bathers 222 in x 28 in - 2019

Expansive sandy beach

Goose Rocks Beach22 in x 28 in - 2019

Warm sunlight on rocks along Marginal Way

Warm Glowing Rocks22 in x 28 in - 2017

Cloud studded blue sky day at the beach

Sunny Beach22 in x 28 in - 2019

A Happy Subject To Paint

Sunny ocean shores spread across several states in New England. Whether it is flat sunlit sandy beaches stretching far into the distance or craggy rock formations thrown into sharp relief by blazing sunlight they are all a feast for the eyes. Through in a little weather mood and what artist wouldn't like to work in this region of the country. This is a subject I can return to over and over.

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